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A Fit, Strong Body During Pregnancy and A Flatter, Toned Tummy After Baby & Beyond.

About Me

Hello, I’m Vicky Warr, founder of Studio Bump and Beyond, pregnancy and postnatal fitness specialist with over 20 years experience in health and fitness and mother with 2 children.  

I’m passionate about helping mothers-to-be and mothers in their first few years. My mission is to help heal, strengthen and tone their bodies during each phase of pregnancy, after birth and as they become a mother.

That’s why I’ve created this online space with prenatal and postnatal exercise videos and going beyond video content, a healthy eating guide for pregnancy and post-birth, nutritional nuggets and a community for connections. That way you are not alone while you tone and strengthen your body, you also nourish the body from within and feel encouraged with support along your journey to birth and into motherhood.

My special focus is helping new mothers heal and strengthening their tummy muscles to get what they often desire a flatter, tighter and toned tummy but also to heal and bring the muscles back together and strengthen so they can do all the carrying and lifting required of a mother in their new role caring for a baby.

My programs have been recognised by health professionals, by moms + mums like you, BBC radio, leading baby magazines, national newspapers and recommended by Doctors.

Keeping the body safe is always of the utmost importance when I create my videos and video classes, whilst at the same time aiming for excellent results with my program. Mothers from all other have lost inches off their waists, healed the tummy muscles of abdominal separation, improved their strength and energy to keep up with their little ones and lift, feed and carry their children and worn their favourite clothes with loads more body confidence.

Today I’m building my mighty network where alongside the pregnancy and postnatal exercise video content you can follow at home, we go beyond that; providing video series of practical tips from conversations I have with real-life mothers to be, these are tips and experiences we share to support your body physically but also on an energetic level too.

So with combined resources and connections to like-minded mothers to be and mothers from around the world, you’ll feel supported in this exciting new journey of motherhood.

Join other mothers from all over the world.

Smart, safe, effective postnatal workouts, resources and connections with other like-minded mothers.

This space is about healthy living to have a positive impact on you and your family! At the postnatal (advanced) studio, there is LIVE fitness classes, nutriton tips and recipes and series of workouts always with the focus on core strength.  You'll learn how to care for your body and set you up for this exciting phase in life.

Exclusive postnatal (advanced) exercise videos and video classes you can follow the videos at any time, anywhere.

Videos vary in duration; we have 10 and 20-minute videos and live classes which are 30 minutes making it easier to fit into a busy, often unpredictable day as a mother.

Beyond Natal (Advanced) Exercise Classes for Mothers who have gained strength and want to progress their strength and fitness with more challenging exercises that continue to support their bodies and if they choose, help them return to their favourite sport.

☆Monthly Themed Calendars with click-through links to specific videos so you know what to do and when. This gives you a plan and structure to make it easier to adopt healthy, consistent exercise habits. 

☆Foundation Videos to improve your posture, re-connect and improve the connection to your deep core muscles. Tips to learn how to connect to yourself, look after your body, help prepare you for labour and birth and how to create a support system. These are little gems to make you feel supported and learn practical things to help you when approaching your due date and throughout new motherhood.

☆Food Inspiration to help you have more energy, look glowing and keep you healthy throughout your motherhood.

☆Nourishing Nuggets for you to improve your muscle tone, lift your mood and boost your energy to deal with sleepless nights you may have with your toddlers.

☆Healthy Eating Guidance so you make informed food choices to support your body that fit with your tastes and family life.

☆Connections and shared experiences with like-minded moms and mums  so you feel supported just when you need it. They’ll share your interests, swap ideas and give you a little inspiration and encouragement.

Open 24/7 online! Access on all devices.

This program is focused specifically on healing and strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles from within post-pregnancy to:

  • Flatten, tighten and tone your tummy after birth (including a c-section birth).
  • Bring the muscles back together to heal abdominal separation or diastasis recti if you have one.
  • Wear your bikini or swimsuit with body confidence.  

    It’s for new mothers or mothers in their first year of motherhood.

    Check it out here

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