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A Fit, Strong Body During Pregnancy. A Flatter, Toned Tummy After Baby & More Core Strength Beyond.

Hello, I’m Vicky Warr, founder of Bump & Beyond. 

When starting out in the fitness industry, 20 years ago, pregnant women would come to my classes or see me for 1-2-1 coaching. Some were new to group exercise or gym based exercise. Some were regular gym goers and loved working out. Some were fun runners or more experienced athletes.  

No matter what their fitness level prior to pregnancy, they all had these common frustrations: 
  • Their exercise options in a gym were (and still are) limited. 

  • They wanted to do a little ‘more’ than yoga, water aerobics or walking but there were no dedicated exercise classes for them. 

  • They didn’t know what exercises were safe to do. 

  • There seemed to be some ‘big secret’ about how to exercise during pregnancy and they wanted the guesswork taken away.

But they wanted one, more than one or all of these: 
  • Tone up and feel strong during their pregnancy and to do it safely and comfortably for their body and baby.
  • Do exercise that feels good and fun!
  • Get fit to feel better about giving birth.
  • Have an easier pregnancy.  
  • Give themselves a head start on their recovery post baby (forward planners).

This program takes all the guesswork
out of exercising during pregnancy
Sadie Nine, BBC.

I’ve spent nearly 2 decades helping over 20,000 women worldwide go from feeling ‘blah’, low on energy and disempowered in pregnancy to feeling strong, toned and body confident with minimal aches and pains and fit for the lifetime event of birth. I’ve helped reduce their risk of c section and set themselves up to gain stronger, flatter abdominals faster after baby, with attention to fixing abdominal separation, known as diastasis recti.

My pregnancy strengthening and body toning method for pregnancy and post baby has been developed over ten year’s worth of group fitness classes across London, my you tube channel, prenatal one to one training and my online program. I also did these very exercises during both of my pregnancies and to heal my own diastasis recti after my second pregnancy. After both pregnancies, I recovered faster due to the exercise method and the research backed by science to know what exercises worked alongside making healthy nutritional choices to support my body.

I would love to help you too! Whilst swimming and yoga are all great forms of exercise, this is different. This is where we sculpt, tone, condition and prepare you mentally and physically to connect to your body and your baby both before, after and beyond having your baby.  

Vicky Warr is our go to health and fitness expert for mums making a significant contribution to our panel of experts. Her vast, up to date knowledge, many years of experience and engaging manner makes her someone you trust and a master at helping mothers achieve body tone, strength and vitality after pregnancy and beyond.
Sarah, Editor. Gurgle Magazine. 

My Approach

With my 5 pillar approach and three stage program including throughly researched exercise videos designed specifically to tone and strengthen your core and body to manage and heal abdominal separation (diastasis recti), a structure so you know what to do and when and support to keep you encouraged throughout, you'll feel body confident, strong to deal with pregnancy and the lifetime event of birth. After having your baby, you'll recover faster and get a flatter tummy when you are not pregnant. 

My Best Body Program

Would you like to be stronger, look toned, feel body confident and do your body and baby a whole world of good during your pregnancy?

Would you like to recover faster, restrengthen, and get a flatter tummy after having your baby?

Best Body During Pregnancy, After Baby and Beyond. 
Check it out here 👉
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