FitBumps Athletic and Sports Hub
FitBumps Athletic and Sports Hub

FitBumps Athletic and Sports Hub

Empowering workouts and valuable insights for pregnant athletes, sportswomen and exercise lovers.


This is a special place where pregnant athletes and sports women come together at any stage of their pregnancy, to continue to maintain strength and fitness by participating in sports and exercise. 
We gain insights and tips from like minded women and maternity experts, build relationships, share experiences and embrace the changes of this new phase in our lives.

👉 maintain your physical strength 💪
👉 connect 👋🏽 with like minded others to share your experiences 
👉 have peace of mind 🤗 you're exercising safely for your body and your baby
👉 foster a positive mindset 🤩 throughout your pregnancy journey 
FitBumps Athletic and Sports Hub provides a supportive place with positive advice, connections and empowering pregnancy fitness to feel strong, healthy and confident throughout your pregnancy.

The Hub is where we connect to 

⭐️ build relationships with others on their pregnancy journey
⭐️ engage in empowering workouts based on your values and preferences
⭐️ exchange valuable insights and knowledge sharing from members who are pregnant or who've returned to sport after pregnancy
⭐️ receive trustworthy, evidence based advice from experts in the fields of maternity and women's health

Our hub members and maternity experts are always ready to lend a helping hand and offer support as you navigate the joys and challenges of pregnancy.

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Become part of our vibrant, positive hub of pregnant women who are totally psyched about their sport, athletics, and exercise. Let's embrace the incredible strength and resilience of our bodies while forging lifelong friendships and shaping a healthier future, together!

Power Pregnancy: Shaping Your Strength. Embracing Your Journey. 

This is our specific full body strength and conditioning video program for all three trimesters of your pregnancy to:  

☑️ sculpt strength at each week of your pregnancy 
fully instructed prenatal video workouts to guide you through exercises for your arms, your legs, your glutes and your core. 
Modifications provided to make the exercises more challenging or easier, whether you are a seasoned, elite or recreational athlete or sportswoman. 

☑️ gain stamina, energy and calmness with our series of fitness conditioning workouts 'Prepare to Push.' 
ideal for weeks 28 onwards, there's one to improve your stamina, boost your energy and trust your body, with intervals of more intense, yet safe, cardio and quick rests with our midwife mini meditations. 

☑️ know which workout to do and when
our week by week clickable plan takes you from one workout to the next with one easy click. 

☑️ understand how to adapt training, posture and have healthy eating habits with the changes pregnancy brings
with our weekly insights and positive tips for adaptations to give you reassurance and confidence.

☑️ eat right for a stronger immune system, protecting you from illnesses and fatigue and to set yourself up for a faster recovery after birth
nutrition tips, meal and snack ideas for each week, specifically designed to meet your bodies needs as you grow a human inside of you. 

Shape Your Strength and Embrace Your Journey Purchase Powerful Pregnancy Today 🎉 👇🏼

Preview the full program for three days by clicking '3 Days of Pregnancy Tone and Strength'👇🏼