Bump and Beyond Fitness Hub
Bump and Beyond Fitness Hub

Be Fit, Healthy and Strong During Pregnancy and Beyond

Building strength, mobility, and tone for a healthy pregnancy, strengthening after birth and beyond.

You Love Sports And Exercise But Now You're pregnant..

Are you feeling..?


..when you search on the web for 'pregnancy exercise', the advice can be conflicting.

..about which exercises are safe and which are not. You want to continue with more challenging exercises, but you're not sure you should.

Worried you may have to stop going to the gym.. 
..there aren’t classes specifically for pregnant women, there’s a lack of specialist prenatal trainers; will you feel intimidated with bump in tow or will you be told to "sit this exercise out?”

Frustrated with comments from friends or family such as these..
”You’ll need to retire from your sport.”
“Now is the time to take it super slow.”
“Rest is best.”
“Carry on with what you were doing before.”

A little ‘alone’..
none of your peers or training friends are pregnant. Who can you get together with to talk about pregnancy and your experiences?

We’re so glad you’re here. 
You’ve come to the right place! 

Our Purpose.. From Your Fitness and Health Coach

At Bump and Beyond Fitness and Health Hub, athletic, sporty and exercise-loving pregnant women come together to stay strong, fit and healthy by engaging in sport and exercise whilst making valuable connections, too.

We help you with your pregnancy dilemmas to give you exercise advice, that's evidence based and up to date, trustworthy tips, plus pregnancy workouts beneficial to your body when you need it most.

Vicky Warr, Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist and Founder of Bump and Beyond. 

Have confidence and peace of mind you're exercising safely for your body and your baby.
Be at your fittest and healthiest during this special phase in your life.
Foster a positive mindset to embrace the changes throughout your pregnancy journey.  
Join others during the same phase in their lives as you, feel part of something special, you are not alone! 

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The Hub Membership.. What You'll Get.

✔️ Strength and Conditioning Exercise Tutorials 
We show you the best exercise techniques and offer modifications for each pregnancy stage, ensuring safety, comfort, and varying challenge levels.
✔️ Trustworthy, Up-To-Date Top Tips
Join our live video events with our Maternity Health Experts to answer your questions, share an experience and have tips. 
✔️ The Seven Days of Powerful Pregnancy Program
Strengthen and tone a different part of your body daily with videos in a clickable format that takes you from one day to the next.
✔️ Five Weekly Tips
A tip for each of these; fitness, a positive mindset, healthy eating, posture, and dealing with the side effects of pregnancy! Feel fitter, healthier and happier each week. 
✔️ Member Interviews
Be encouraged by the stories and experiences of other sporty women who’ve been through pregnancy, giving birth, and are now embracing family life. 
✔️ Exclusive Articles & Guides
Research-backed quick reads and guides in one place to give knowledge and peace of mind. 
✔️ Recommendations for Maternity Fitness Wear, People and Products 
What we’ve found, tried and tested that's gorgeous, practical and proven to help your pregnancy be more comfortable, stylish and healthier. 
✔️ Online Spaces to Connect with Other Members 
Meet pregnant women with your interests in our dynamic community. 
✔️ Exclusive, Special Offers
Be the first to know about exclusive members-only offers to our programs or other content.

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Powerful Pregnancy.
Shape Your Strength. Embrace Your Journey. 

A full three trimester video program with a balance and variety of specific pregnancy workouts to tone and strengthen your arms, legs, glutes, core and pelvic floor with comfort and safety. The variety of videos in this program takes you from the earlier weeks of your pregnancy all the way to the birth of your baby. With pregnancy specific healthy eating tips too.

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Core Revival.  
Rehab. Restrengthen and Tone Your Abdominals After Pregnancy and Birth.

A gradual, progressive video program to rehab. your abs and heal abdominal separation whilst re-strengthening your core and pelvic floor after pregnancy and birth. Self-paced program, that you can do at home, with just ten minutes a day and a clickable plan taking you from one video to the next. Expertly instructed for safety, comfort and the right balance of a challenge. With healthy eating tips to improve energy, muscle tone and help breastfeeding.

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